New image leak pits iPhone 6 against 5S and HTC One M8

New image leak pits iPhone 6 against 5S and HTC One M8
iPhone 6 gets taken for walkies

If you're sick of iPhone 6 leaks, then it might be best to just unhook the internet, go outside, find yourself, and come back in September.

There are going to be a lot more in the coming months but this latest one has particularly caught our attention.

The new pictures showed up on Taiwanese website Mos Coat (spotted by Mashable) and give us the clearest look at the alleged iPhone 6 yet.

The dummy unit has got the larger 4.7-screen and thinner body we've been hearing so much about, with the handset put next to an iPhone 5S (or the iPhone 4, as in the picture below) for perspective.

iPhone 6

Going back to the long volume buttons, eh? (Credit: Mos Coat)

Supersize me

iPhone 6

That gold ring is currently only on the gold version of the 5S (Credit: Mos Coat)

The curved iPod Touch-style shape looks particularly nice when put against the older model. We have no idea why the iPhone 6 is also being compared to Doraemon, but it is.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 confirmed to be bigger than Doraemon? (Credit: Mos Coat)

There's also a picture of the handset against the HTC One M8, demonstrating just how phablet-y Apple may be going with the iPhone 6.

Don't assume that this is the final design, or any sort of confirmation about where Apple is going with the iPhone 6, but we'd be pretty happy with a phone like this.

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