The latest Nokia Normandy leak brings possible launch date with it

The latest Nokia Normandy leak brings possible launch date with it
The rumours are hotting up

It's beginning to seem a lot like Nokia's Android-based smartphone will launch at MWC 2014.

Currently going by the moniker Normandy, the handset is expected to land with a heavily Nokia-ified version of Android just as the Amazon Kindle Fire range come with a Amazon-heavy version of the software.

The latest shots of the interface come from @evleaks, the scourge of mobile secret keepers everywhere.

The images show two different ways to have your homescreen set up - one is very Windows Phone-ish with tiles laid out in a grid formation, the other is more like a traditional Android layout.

The icons are very similar to (although not exactly the same as) some leaked screens we saw earlier in January, and some of the imagery is along the same lines of Evleaks' own recent leak too. That doesn't mean they're legit - it's just as likely that an internet prankster is as up to date on the rumours as we are.


As PocketNow points out, the images look a bit like they could be press shots. If they are, then the calendar reading Tuesday 25 could be something of a launch date clue.

Know when the next Tuesday 25 is? February 2014. Know what's on that week? Oh, just a little show known as Mobile World Congress. Convenient.

Nokia Normandy

Credit: @evleaks on Twitter
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