The iPhone 6S could double up on RAM with 2GB

The iPhone 6S could double up on RAM with 2GB
Apple may be planning a power bump for the new iPhone

You might have only just got used to the sizes of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus but we're already thinking ahead to the iPhone 6S (or iPhone 7?). The latest gossip from insiders is that this year's handset will boast 2GB of RAM compared with the 1GB stuck inside the 2014 editions.

That's more memory to deal with multiple apps running at once as well as larger images and video files. Doubling up on memory should mean a much faster and more capable iPhone, particularly when it's paired with the usual CPU upgrade that Apple treats us to. The iPad Air 2 features 2GB of RAM too.

More power!

It's not all set in stone yet, though: Apple is said to be concerned about the price of including more memory (it doesn't come cheap you know) and there may be supplier issues to worry about too.

Still, if Taiwan's Tech News is right, the 2GB version has got the nod.

We're still some way off from seeing the next iPhone, but the speculation has already started - an extra-tough sapphire screen, a dual-lens camera and a 3D pressure sensor could be on the cards come September. In addition, here are 10 things we'd like to see from Apple's next flagship.

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