Telstra to test LTE-B tech during live T20 International match

LTE-B for better?

Telstra will be trialing LTE-Broadcast technology at a live event at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in what the telco is calling a world first.

Select participants will try out LTE-B tech during a T20 International cricket match tonight, 31 January, with the ability to listen to live commentary and look up real time match statistics, replays and highlights.

Each of the selected participants will be given an LTE-B compatible device, which are being provided by Samsung, and will have access to content from three dedicated streams.

The trials will be conducted with Telstra's network partner Ericsson and the content streamed is to be provided by Channel Nine.

Test run

With current data networks, when we download a video or upgrade our OS, it gets downloaded by each user as a different data stream

LTE-B technology can stream the same data content to multiple devices at the same or differing times, similar to a TV broadcast, which can help alleviate congestion on other 4G networks.

Telstra said that it has successfully tested LTE-B in labs, but with this trial, the telco will be able to see how the technology fares at a live event with a large crowd.

"When a large number of people gather in one place we often see a huge spike in the demand for data, which can stretch the capabilities of our network and affect our customers' experience," said Telstra's Executive Director Networks, Mike Wright.

"We will use the results from trials such as this to refine the network and work with manufacturers and content owners to develop devices and applications in preparation for a commercial launch."