T-Mobile will let anyone upgrade their phone at anytime for free*


T-Mobile been pretty quiet since adding business plans in March, but John Legere has busted the doors open once again by adding a new Jump! smartphone upgrade plan.

Christened Jump! On Demand, T-Mobile users will still be able to get an replacement phone for no or little money down all while no longer needing to pay a $10 monthly fee. What's more, users will be able to switch out their device up to three times a year (up from the previous limit of two) and at any time they want, whereas previously subscribers would have to wait six months.

With Jump! On Demand users will can pick upgrades from a long list of T-Mobile's latest smartphone offerings including the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and LG G4.

The only catch is existing users will need to buy a new device to join the program.

The new plan changes also spins off the insurance component of Jump! into its own $8 per month service. Meanwhile, those on existing Jump! plans don't have to fret, as this new on demand option will live alongside it.

Keeping up the storm

T-Mobile has been keeping up with a steady stream of wireless industry shifting policies since it first ripped apart the concept of contracts over two years ago. In that time, the pink carrier has also introduced free international calling and data and incentive business plans with pooled data.

The Uncarrier has even gone so far as to picking up the tab for early termination fees for users switching from a different wireless service provider.

T-Mobile's new Jump! On Demand changes will go into effect starting June 28.


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