T-Mobile woos business customers at Uncarrier 9.0

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0

At T-Mobile's Uncarrier 9.0 event, CEO John Legere took to the stage to announce it's taking the mobile carrier revolution to businesses starting March 22nd.

T-Mobile's new Uncarrier plan for businesses includes multiple tiers of pricing including $16 per line for small businesses. Need more than 10, then the price drops to $15 per line. For even bigger companies it's 100 lines for $1,500 and 1,000 lines for $15,000 per month. For mega companies, T-Mobile is also offering $10 for every additional user beyond 1,000 lines.

Legere argued its plans will be 40% lower compared to AT&T and Verizon.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0

T-Mobile's pooled data rates for businesses

Business class perks

Every line comes with 1GB of data included, plus unlimited talk and text. Users who want more data will be able to purchase 2GB for $10 or unlimited data for $30. There are also pooled data plans for businesses that need to share data amongst their entire work force.

What's more T-Mobile's business plan will get a free dot com domain powered by Go Daddy plus a free, custom business email address powered by Microsoft.

Just like its consumer plans, business users will have access to their full suite of benefits such as Jump! for users who want to exchange their device, free music streaming, Wi-Fi calling and everything else

For work, for home

Another perk for T-Mobile businesses subscribers is discounted Simple Choice family plans. Legere said instead of offering a measly 8%-15% discount like the other guys (pointing to Verizon and AT&T), T-Mobile business users can expect a big 50% savings on their Simple Choice family plan.

"For a family with just two lines, you're going to save $876 with [T-Mobile] versus AT&T and Verizon over two years," said Legere. "And if you're a T-Mobile customer and have a business line, you automatically qualify. In fact, AT&T and Verizon customers would save a total of $8.8 billion a year by switching over to the Un-carrier. That's what I call a discount."

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0

Carrier Freedom

T-Mobile didn't just have goodies for business customers. Legere also announced a new Carrier freedom initiative that will pay up to $650 for the remaining cost of users device when they switch from another mobile service provider on top of the early termination fee.

Carrier Freedom won't be just limited to one network either, it's offering up to pay $650 per line. T-Mobile hopes this bigger allowance will entice more people to switch and remove any constraints of having to pay off their device on AT&T Next or Verizon Edge.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0

Record scratch

Two years ago T-Mobile tore down the concept of contracts. Now the Un-carrier has flipped the script again by announcing the Un-Contract. Rather than the user signing over the carrier terms, an Un-Contract is the reverse where T-Mo promises to stick to the user's terms.

As such users with existing Simple Choice plans won't see any increases in their rates. T-Mobile is also rolling out some new plans including a four line family package for $100, which includes 10 GB of 4G LTE data.

T-Mobile also introduced a new unlimited data plan for users who only need two-lines, which provides unlimited talk and text for $100 per month. Meanwhile, additional lines (with a maximum of eight) can be added for $40 per month.

Unlimited data lovers will also appreciate that they can rest easy knowing the rates for their unlimited 4G LTE plans won't change for a minimum of two years. Any customers enrolling in a plan can also expect to keep it as long as they're T-Mobile customers.

If you switch to another qualifying plans, the Un-contract guarantee kicks in again.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0

T-Mobile plans to build a bigger LTE network than its competitors by the end of the year

Building an empire

Since it' began it's crusade to change the mobile carrier landscape two-years-ago T-Mobile stated 83 million people in the United states are now on no-contract plans.

The pink carrier went on to beat its chest stating 10 million have joined Jump!, the Un-carrier's early phone replacement plan. Additionally there have since been 1 billion free roaming sessions, T-Mobile has paid 1.8 million early termination contracts.

Meanwhile, users have taken advantage of 1 million test drives trying out iPhones on T-mobile, while users have streamed 74 million songs and made 7.6 milion Wi-Fi calls being placed each day. Lastly since it's last big Uncarrier move, over two million people are using data stash.

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