Spotify confirms it won't be dropping Windows Phone

Spotify on Windows Phone
Spotify on Windows Phone

It turns out Spotify won't be dropping support for Windows Phone 8 devices after all, as the brand has confirmed to techradar it will continue to look after the app on Microsoft's mobile platform.

The original story came about after support staff member commented to a customer, who then shared the post on Twitter, that Windows Phone support for the Spotify app had ceased after an update in February 2015. But that information was false.

A Spotify spokesperson told techradar "To clarify our recent information regarding the Windows Phone experience, we will continue supporting the Windows Phone 8.1 experience moving forward."

"Our main goal at Spotify is to offer the best music experience on the market, covering all platforms."

Wrong support

As for Windows 10, the app on the platform is about to get some major improvements which should be rolling out imminently.

The spokesperson said: "We are actually improving our support for Windows 10 in our coming update 5.2, which will be available starting today."

Spotify is currently chasing the source of the confusion, which may have resulted from incorrect information coming from support staff and then being easily shared on Twitter.

If you're using a Windows Phone device and were upset by the news, there's no need to worry and you'll still be able to stream the your Spotify tracks with ease.

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