Sony hasn't ruled out the possibility of a Xperia Z6 in the future


Ok, let's try to clarify what's going on here. For a few days there have been murmurings that Sony's new Xperia X series might replace the Z range, killing off the possibility of an Xperia Z6.

As much was even apparently said by Sony Mobile's senior product marketing manager Jun Makino in an interview with uSwitch. But Sony has just clarified that this isn't the full story.

In a statement to techradar, the company said that it has entered a "new chapter" with the X series, but it hasn't ruled out the possibility of an Xperia Z6 appearing in the future.

A new chapter

"Although we can never confirm about the future possibilities of our product line-up, we can share with you that we have no plan to launch Xperia Z6 at this stage," a Sony spokesperson told us in a statement - with the 'at this stage' being the key part of that statement.

"As announced, we have entered a new chapter of our Xperia brand by launching the new X series at MWC. "

At MWC, the company revealed its new mid-range X and XA, which share many similarities with Sony's Z range - but certainly don't feel like flagship replacements.

So, Sony hasn't necessarily killed off the Z6, it's just not launching it right now. There's still some digging to be done here, but it's still possible we'll see something new from the Z range later in the year.

Hugh Langley

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