Samsung shipped more smartphones than Apple in Q3

Report: Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple or Nokia
Samsung Galaxy Nexus - hoping to beat the iPhone 4S at its own game

The phone manufacturer willy-waving contest shows no sign of abating as a Samsung insider brags that the company shipped more phones than Nokia or Apple in the last quarter.

The Wall Street Journal cites "a person familiar with the situation", who said that Samsung shipped more than 20 million smartphones in the three months ending 30 September.

Apple has already revealed that it sold 17.1 million iPhones in its quarter that ended 24 September, while Nokia claims to have shipped a mere 16.8 million smartphones.

Sale wars

Samsung and Apple are currently pitting their legal teams against each other in a global patent dispute that has already seen several Samsung phones and tablets banned in a number of countries.

Both companies have also announced major new handsets since the close of the quarter in question.

Apple's iPhone 4S is already on sale and selling well (4 million sold in the first weekend) – and even the rarely-humble Apple conceded that iPhone sales dropped off towards the tail end of the quarter as the public awaited the new handset.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is set to find its way to shop shelves in early November and, as the flagship Android 4.0 handset, it's likely to do very well in the run up to Christmas.

Nokia is somewhat of a wildcard though; it is set to unveil the first round of its Windows Phone smartphones at Nokia World next week and no one really knows how well they'll be received.

From WSJ

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