Samsung's Galaxy S3 grabs T3 Phone of the Year award

Samsung's Galaxy S3 grabs T3 Phone of the Year award
Samsung's Galaxy S3 grabs T3 Phone of the Year award

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been awarded the T3 Phone of the Year, beating out the likes of the HTC One X and the Apple iPhone 4S.

As TechRadar's Samsung Galaxy S3 review suggests, this is the standout handset of the year, and it sits proudly at the top of our Top 20 Best Mobile Phones list.

Although the Apple iPhone 5 arrived too late to be a competitor in the T3 Awards, it sits only at number 3 in our list.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is certainly not without competition in the phone market, and the giant handset battled against the likes of Sony's Xperia S, its brother the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia's Lumia 900 and the beautiful HTC One X.

T3 Phone of the Year 2013

Given the nominees for this year you can already begin to draw up a likely list of candidates for the T3 Awards 2013, which will could include the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One X+, the Windows Phone HTC 8X and the as yet unannounced LG Nexus phone.

And who would bet against a Samsung Galaxy S4 competing to follow in its predecessor's footsteps?

TechRadar is published by Future Publishing, which runs the T3 Awards, and TechRadar UK Editor in Chief Patrick Goss is a long-term judge of the awards.

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