Samsung promises to review Galaxy S4 storage space after Watchdog exposé

Samsung promises to review Galaxy S4 storage space after Watchdog expose
Mo' storage no problems

Samsung has said it is "reviewing" the memory situation on the Samsung Galaxy S4 after it received a pasting on Watchdog last night.

The pack over at BBC Watchdog, led by Anne Robinson, took issue with Samsung's claim that its flagship phone offers 16GB of storage when in fact users can only enjoy around 9GB of that space.

Through what we imagine to be gritted teeth, Samsung told Cnet, "We appreciate this issue being raised and will improve our communications.

"Also we are reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimisation."

All alone in the moonlight

Samsung had originally said that the memory trade-off is down to the S4's "more powerful features" for which we should all just jolly well be grateful.

We questioned the internal space in our full Samsung Galaxy S4 review, but our fears were somewhat allayed by a software update - although we still think that a lot of those "powerful features" are a bit of a waste of space if you aren't going to use them.

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Hopefully Samsung's internal reviews will give us the option to ditch some of that in favour of apps we've actually chosen.

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