Samsung leaks Eltz and Marcel phones

Samsung's big plans for Mobile World Congress are slowly losing their shroud of secrecy after three more phones were leaked into the wild in the shape of the Eltx, the Marcel and another Bang and Olufsen phone.

Starting with the Eltz, has managed to bag a secret peek at the Eltz, which looks a little similar in colour to the recently announced Tocco Ultra Edition.

This uses the same OLED screen technology as the new Tocco, although only at 2.4-inches. It sports aGPS, an MP3 player, a 5MP camera and expandable memory, all in a slim-looking candybar design.

It will also be running 3G, thanks to the sneaky little forward-facing video camera poking out on the front.

The Marcel is a budget slider, though appears unable to pretend it's in a box, pulling on a rope or running into a glass wall.

The next generation

This handset will be an upgrade to the J700 currently on the market, packing a 2.2-inch screen (unlikely to be OLED) and a 2MP camera. Although, once again, it looks like it will run 3G thanks to the video camera on the front.

Finally, the Bang and Olufsen branded handset, dubbed the super-fun M7600. Using the same B&O branding that we saw on the strange-looking Serene, it features a similar-sized OLED screen as used on the Tocco Ultra.

It will launch in May, according to, and will also pack an internal amplifier, courtesy of B&O.

The touchscreen looks to have been souped up with the TouchWIZ interface and a 3MP camera. It should be noted that the Serene was designed to be a standalone music player as well as a mobile phone, so it should have some nifty speakers as well.

So get ready for some decent phones to debut at MWC, and remember that TechRadar will be there snapping away for all the hands-on action you could possible want.

Gareth Beavis
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