Samsung Galaxy F dashes hopes of a QHD screen in Dutch leak

Samsung Galaxy F goes Dutch in latest leak
Sticking with the same screen?

Rumors of a premium version of the Galaxy S5, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy F/S5 Prime, are still doing the rounds, and the latest leak out of Holland suggests it won't sport a fancier screen after all.

We had previously heard that the Galaxy F may boast a QHD display to bring it in line with the LG G3, but according to Dutch site Tweakers the S5 Prime (as it refers to it as) was shown off at a network event with the stock 5.1-inch, 1080p display.

It's not all bad news though, as apparently the Galaxy S5 Prime in question did sport the newer Snapdragon 805 chipset which is featured in the QHD-toting Galaxy S5 LTE-A.

The report also notes that an Adreno 405 GPU was residing inside the handset, which would give the Galaxy F a graphical boost over Adreno 330 Galaxy S5.

When one become two

In terms of design the Galaxy S5 Prime is said to look almost identical that that of its Prime-less namesake, which clashes with previous rumours suggesting the Galaxy F would have a slightly different look about it. Could they be two different devices after all?

Finally a model ID of SM-G901F is also mentioned, which is a close match to the SM-G900 ID for the Galaxy S5.

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