Samsung and LG readying next-gen smartphones already

Samsung and LG readying next-gen smartphones already
What's inside the next gen?

It looks like 2014 could be the year of the flagship variants, as we hear yet more news on manufacturers adapting their top-end handset.

This time both Samsung and LG are in the picture, with GforGames reporting that the South Korean firms are looking to stick Qualcomm's next generation processor - the Snapdragon 805 - into variants of the Galaxy S5 and G3.

We were expecting the first Snapdragon 805 devices to turn up towards the end of 2014, with possibly the Galaxy Note 4 being one of the first to sport it, but according to the new leaks we may not have to wait that long.

The F word

There's a chance that the 805-toting Samsung device could be the much rumoured Galaxy F we've been hearing so much about, but the sources picked up by the Korean media have failed to make that assertion clear.

Meanwhile the model number LG-F460L was spotted in code for Android OS, and apparently reveals a codename of "Tiger6" and the present of Qualcomm's chip. In terms of a name for the handset, the now increasingly familiar "Prime" moniker it being tacked onto the end of the LG G3 brand. The LG G3 Prime then.

The bad news is if these supercharged smartphones exist, they may never make it out of Korea, as the reports suggest they could be being developed solely for the Korean LTE-Advanced networks.

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