Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus arriving on O2 in May

Palm Pre improvement arriving
Palm Pre improvement arriving

O2 will be offering the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus phones by the end of the month.

The eagerly awaited Palm phones have been given a UK release date of 28 May, with the company confirming the news in a brief release to TechRadar.

"Palm today announces that the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus phones will be available in the UK on O2 from 28 May," said the statement.

"We are excited to bring Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to the market for O2 customers," said Jon Rubinstein, Palm chairman and chief executive officer.

"With the choice of these two new Palm webOS phones, customers across the UK can stay connected, so they never miss a thing."


The Palm Pre Plus is a slightly upgraded, faster version of the original Palm Pre, while the Palm Pixi Plus brings WiFi functionality to the handset.

Palm's recent acquisition by HP means that these are some of the last handsets developed by the company before it joined with the computing giant.

UPDATE: O2 has sent through the UK price and contract details. The Pixi Plus will be available for nothing with a £30 two-year tariff with the Pre Plus available on a £35 two-year tariff.

For 18 month tariffs, the Palm Pixi Plus will be available for free with a £35 contract and Pre Plus on a £40 contract.

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