Optus rolls over on data

Optus My Prepaid Monthly Plus

The loss of unused prepaid data at the end of every month is one of the great tragedies of our time. When we think of all the meals un-Instagrammed, the Facebook statuses yet to be liked, and the YouTube cat videos left unstreamed, it's enough to make us weep.

It seems Optus has decided to take up this important cause and do something about it, so from July 5 it will be introducing My Prepaid Monthly Plus.

This new plan will enable users to rollover up to 10GB of data from one month to the next, provided they recharge their plan before their credit expires.

Data's on a roll

The plan starts from $30 for 1.5GB over 30 days, and features unlimited standard national calls and unlimited texts. Customers looking for more data also have $45 for 3.5GB and $60 for 6GB options.

If customers manage to burn through their monthly limit as well as any extra data that may have rolled over from the previous month, an additional 500MB is available for $5.

Optus also boasts that the package offers low international rates, stating that a $30 recharge will supply up to 250 minutes worth of calls to Singapore. Just how many minutes customers will get to countries like the UK and USA remains unclear.