Optus introduces Yes Cover for the clumsy and forgetful

Optus Yes
Protect your handset from theft, loss or damage for $13 per month

We've all been there. You're living the good life with a brand spankin' new smartphone – like the iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – in hand, when it slips from your grasp and hits the pavement face down with all the force of a megaton bomb.

The tension as you race to pick it up, and the agony of discovering a web of shattered glass running across your once pristine display is a story told many times over.

Now Optus hopes to put an end to such tragedies with its Yes Cover, which will protect phones, tablets and accessories for $13 per month.

Serve and protect

Optus' coverage will protect customers' new handsets from accidental damage and being lost or stolen.

Making a claim will incur an excess fee of $50 for accidental damage, and $150 for devices that are misplaced or pinched.

Optus promises that once a claim is approved customers will receive their new handset within two business days, and customers can opt out as any time, with no lock-in contracts.

The coverage is only available for Optus' postpaid customers, and there is no limit on the number of claims a customer can make. The more clumsy among us may feel embarrassed by the fourth or fifth claim within six months, though.

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