Facebook videos are about to suck. A lot


Facebook made headlines lately by striking exclusive video deals with companies like HBO, and now it's gearing up to take its video platform a step further with video ads.

The social media giant already has video ads on the News Feed, but Facebook plans to start squeezing ads in between video clips as well.

When the feature rolls out, whenever you finish watching a video on Facebook, a "Suggested videos" screen will pop up. If you continue watching these videos, an ad will play after a few clips, similar to how YouTube runs ads after a few consecutive videos.

Ad wars

It certainly looks like Facebook is serious about its video platform and wants to be a genuine competitor to YouTube.

The new video ads will pay advertisers 55% of the revenue, with 45% going back to Facebook - just like YouTube's set-up. But making more money isn't the only motivation for Facebook.

Speaking to Recode, Dan Rose, Facebook's VP of partnerships, said, "A lot of [our partners] have said this will be a big motivation to start publishing a lot more video content to Facebook."

So while we'll were slammed with more ads, there will be more video content for us to binge on as well, and the social media giant already has deals in place with Fox Sports, the NBA and Funny or Die.

There are no dates yet for when the ads will begin appearing.