Facebook’s new privacy tool helps delete old social media posts easily

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We share a lot of stuff on social media sites like Facebook and often this content does not age well. This leaves us in a fix and trying to find ways to delete these unwanted social media posts. 

Well, Facebook is finally making it easier for us to delete our old social media posts. It has introduced a new Manage Activity Tool that will not only help us delete or hide those old yet irritating social media posts but also will let us do this in bulk.

The feature is being rolled out for the Facebook mobile app as well as Facebook Lite app users across the globe in a phased manner and in case you can’t figure out where to find this, you may just need to wait for a few more days. Later, this feature will be introduced on the desktop version as well, explained Facebook.

How to mass delete old Facebook posts?

Once the feature is available on your Facebook application, head right over to the Profile page and follow the below process

  • Tap on Activity Log
  • On the next page, tap Manage Activity
  • Tap “Your Posts” on the new slide-up menu
  • Next, Tap filters
  • Select the posts that you want to delete. You can select multiple posts to delete them in one go

Posts that are deleted remain on the account for 30 days in case someone wants to restore them before being removed from the account. Though this tool only lets you delete posts that were made using your account. Posts created by your friends that you were tagged-in needs to be deleted from their accounts.

With the help of the Manage Activity tool, Facebook also allows users to hide the old posts by archiving them. By limiting its visibility from the public, users can still relive old memories as in when they like. This privacy control tool was long overdue and finally puts users in more control of the information shared on Facebook. 

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