Oculus VR is working with Samsung on new virtual reality gear

Oculus VR is working with Samsung on new virtual reality gear
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Oculus VR worked with Samsung to produce the Gear VR headset for Note 4 phones, but it's still planning on hammering away at future projects, the company's CEO has confirmed.

Talking at Startup Nations Summit in Seoul, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said, "we'll work closely with Samsung to develop more products." It's not the golden confirmation some may be after, but the partnership is not done yet.

It suggests there may be products already in the works beyond the Gear VR, announced in September 2013 as a partner to the Note 4 and its super high-res QHD screen. Products don't come from nowhere, and any 2015 plans are likely to be afoot already.

Iribe was careful not to mention anything too specific, though. And this is no confirmation that anything further will be actually released.

"We successfully launched the Gear VR with Samsung this year and I'm sure we will continue close relation with Samsung, as always," said Iribe.

The Samsung Gear VR is not yet available to buy in the UK or US, but is expected on shelves before the end of 2014.

An obvious future use for the partnership of Oculus VR and Samsung would be to create a second-gen version of the Gear VR for the Samsung Galaxy S6, expected in 2015.

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