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O2 next up to offer iPhone 4 on PAYG

O2 takes the iPhone 4 into the PAYG world
O2 takes the iPhone 4 into the PAYG world

O2 has followed Vodafone's lead and begun offering the iPhone 4 on pay as you go deals, albeit at a slightly higher price point.

Customers can pick up the iPhone 4 16GB model for £495, or the 32GB flavour for £595 - just £4 shy of the SIM price from Apple direct.

However, if you top up £10 per month on the PAYG plan, you'll get 500MB of data and 300 texts for free, plus all the other stuff on the iPhone 4 (you probably know it off by heart now - Retina Display, gyroscope, HD video recording etc).

Mo' money, mo' data

It's odd that this is a little more expensive than the same phone from Orange and Vodafone, although 500MB of data is probably enough to keep most people going per month.

If you're an O2 fan and want to get the iPhone 4 on PAYG, then not only will you be saving that £4 (which you could spend on a new pair of laces to give your trainers a cheap overhaul, for instance) but it's also in stock now, where Apple are promising delivery in three weeks.

Head on over to O2 to take a gander at the offers - although actually we've pretty much just covered it above. But go if you're a fan of bubbles and blue backgrounds.