Nokia Lumia 925 image hits the web ahead of tomorrow's big reveal

Nokia Lumia 925 image hits the web ahead of tomorrow's big reveal
Bit fuzzy, evleaks - not quite up to your usual standards

The Nokia Lumia 925 is poised to launch at an event in London tomorrow but a photo of the handset has broken free of its corporate shackles and made its way on to Twitter.

Previously known as the Nokia Catwalk, the Finns previewed the handset in an ad on British television yesterday evening, promising big things from the phone's camera.

Today's image, which was posted by the scourge of the mobile industry @evleaks, shows a marketing shot of the handset, with the redesigned aluminum housing on show.

Monocles on

We can see a headphone jack on top of the handset, volume sliders and possibly a camera shutter button on the edge and a front-facing camera all on board.

What we can't see much of is that aluminum chassis as the screen runs almost to the edge of the handset.

Not much more to be gleaned from the photos of the Windows Phone 8 handset, although previous leaks have suggested that we'll see a thinner, lighter handset than its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 920.

Other rumoured specs are pretty similar though; they include a 4.5-inch OLED display, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of memory and an 8.7MP camera.

We'll be live at Nokia's big launch event tomorrow (Tuesday) so stay tuned for the official specs as they break, and our hands on Nokia Lumia 925 review just as soon as Nokia lets us at the thing.

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