Nokia Lumia 1020 leak claims it's hitting stores this month, spills price info

Nokia Lumia 1020 leak claims it's hitting stores this month, spills price info
41MP goodness

Whatever Nokia's new flagship is called, be it the EOS, the Nokia 909 or the Lumia 1020, there might not be much of a delay between the phone's reveal and when we can actually get our hands on it.

A supposedly leaked shot from a Microsoft Store inventory says that the phone will hit stores on July 22. Worth mentioning that the phone might not necessarily go on sale on this date, but we doubt it's going to be hanging around in the stores' backrooms for long. If not July, we'd expect the first week in August.

Also, the observant among you will have already noticed that the phone is named as the Nokia Lumia 1020, which means the Lumia 909 moniker suggested by @evleaks may have been short-lived.

Pricing up the competition

Nokia 1020 leak

What a vibrant, lively spreadsheet

The image also claims that the SIM-free version of the handset is set to retail at $602 (£402/AU$664), which is more or less the figure we've been expecting.

If the screenshot is anything to go by, the handset will also be arriving in three variations: black, white and yellow. All very exciting, we're sure you'll agree.

Nokia has also confirmed that the phone will be coming to the UK, although the source speaking to Cnet didn't say when this will be.

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