Nokia CEO plugs 'next major launch' for later this year

Photo Elop

We knew the Lumia 1020 was on its way as it was the phone world's worst kept secret, but CEO Stephen Elop left us with word that we're due for yet another new Nokia product before 2013 snuffs out.

During the Q&A following the 1020's grand reveal, Elop casually let drop that the company has more to show during its "next major launch later this year."

"Major" is worth noting as this won't be a simple refresh and we should expect another destination shindig such as we have for the Lumia 1020.

We'll of course keep an eye out for more on whatever this product holds, and if the leaks leading up to the new Lumia's launch are any indication, we'll have plenty to go by pre-announcement.

What could it be??

Nokia's unleashed a veritable army of Lumia's as of late, among them the Lumia 920, 925 and 928.

We've been told by Microsoft that there's no real fear of over saturating the market with Windows Phone 8 devices, and with Nokia's steadfast (some would say stubborn) commitment to the platform, we're surely in for more.

But with a recent set of images purportedly showing the long-expected Lumia tablet, perhaps Nokia will decide it's time to do and show something slate-ly different?

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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