Nokia announces Here to reboot its mapping plans

Nokia launches Here to destroy iOS Maps
Nokia Here - here to stay

Nokia has revamped its mapping and location services with the launch of an iOS app and Android SDK, gathering the whole lot under one umbrella known as Nokia Here.

The new service will consist not only of the company's Windows Phone and web maps, but will incorporate Android and iOS apps as well.

Nokia claims that Here is the world's first location cloud working across various platforms and operating systems.


The free iOS app is based on HTML5 and will bring much-longed-for offline maps to Apple-flavoured devices like the iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPod touch.

Although it's not in the App Store just yet, Nokia says the Nokia Here app is "scheduled to be available for download" in the coming weeks, bullishly anticipating Apple's sign-off.

Unlike the iPhone version, the Android app won't actually be made by Nokia; instead, the Finnish company will release the SDK for Android in early 2013, allowing external devs to work their coding magic on the location services.

The whole shebang is hosted in the cloud rather than forcing downloads to devices like Tom Tom and other sat-nav apps.

CEO Stephen Elop explains that the move allows Nokia to "extend our 20 years of location expertise" to the rival operating systems and devices.

Apple's iOS 6 Maps maptastrophe demonstrated the importance of maps to phone-users and Nokia knows there are big bucks to be made in the location-aware advertising arena too.

If nothing else, it will annoy Apple no end to have iOS users rocking Apple device homescreens proclaiming "Nokia Here".

The new service can be checked out already by heading on over to

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