One More Thing: iOS Maps turns out to be geographically challenged

One More Thing: iOS Maps turns out to be geographically challenged
Apple's GCSE Geography grade: U

Bless the rains down in Africa – Today OMT is amazed to discover that the Indian Ocean is actually a landmass just north west of the UK and not a giant ocean between Africa and Australia. We didn't realise that the North Pacific Ocean was slap bang in the middle of Africa either. Without Apple's iOS Maps, we might never have known. We'll just pop over to California to thank the company in person – should be a half hour drive down the road from London, right? [Gizmodo]

She's an Apple pie - One Crackberry forum member has managed to get iOS apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now there's a sentence that tells you everything you need to know about BlackBerry App World. [CrackBerry]

Can't force a dance party - Opera 12 has cha-cha'd real smooth right outta beta and into officialdom, bringing a speed boost, overhauled security badges and browser customisation that the teenager in you will love. Tap dance on over to to give it a go. [Opera]

Got love for you - Gadgets from the sartorially-challenged '80s have topped a poll to find the nation's favourite tech toys according to 2,000 people. The trusty Walkman beat the new-fangled-ish iPod. We're just surprised the Samsung Galaxy S3 didn't do better, given its sterling advertising campaign in 1985. [Pixmania]

Where's your head at? - Ex-president George W Bush made a cameo appearance in Game of Thrones s.1 as a decapitated head on a stick. Well, your career options are fairly limited after effectively ruling the world for eight years. You're basically overqualified for everything. Well, actually, in Bush's case [REDACTED on pain of being sued]. [Kotaku]

Ticket to ride - From the people who brought us the robotic vacuum cleaner that 84% of felines rated Most Comfortable To Ride 2008 comes the Scooba 230, the world's cutest little floor mopping robot. Now we just need iRobot to come up with a toilet-cleaning droid and we're all set. [iRobot]

Money for nothing - Aussie electronics retailer Kogan is adding an idiot tax to any purchases made by people using IE7 to shop. Can we start taxing smug retailers for their lame PR stunts? Is that a thing we can do? Because, we'll be honest, we could use the cash. [The Register]

Infinite sadness - Irritatingly-voiced Billy Corgan of '90s tedio-core band Smashing Pumpkins has a thing or two to say about, like, the internet. Facebook is facilitating inadvertent peer pressure, says he, and music made for iTunes is too "friendly cuddly" and makes him want to "f***ng puke". If you want to hear more of Corgan's warblings, you can download the new Smashing Pumpkins record from iTunes on June 19, or like the band on Facebook. [Electronista]

Livin' on a prayer - AOL stock is up 82 per cent this year. Earlier today, one AOL exec was not heard saying, "Ha ha in your stupid faces" to popular internet whippersnappers Zynga (down 44 per cent), Groupon (down 48 per cent) and Facebook (down 28 per cent). But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. [Business Insider]

Digital monster - Peter Cullen has agreed to be the voice of Optimus Prime again in the upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game. Interesting fact: he's also the voice of Eeyore in latter-day Pooh 'toons. Now there's a mash-up we'd like to see. [Activision]

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