LG opens up Optimus 3D with 2D game converter

LG pushing its 3D platform with new content
LG pushing its 3D platform with new content

LG has shown it's committed to making a success of 3D on the move by announcing a new 2D to 3D conversion kit for its Optimus 3D phone.

The OpenGL-based game conversion engine will allow developers to optimise current titles for the third dimension – essentially allowing low cost 3D games to be made from popular titles.

Current Optimus 3D users will be able to convert any 2D game using the new platform; the mobile will first scan to see if the title is listed as optimised, and if not, will add the necessary level of depth to create a '3D effect'.

We're not so sure about on the fly conversion, as we've seen companies try this on a number of occasions and mostly with little to no success.

Budget boosting

But it does mean smaller games companies looking to make their titles more widespread will be able to create next-gen gameplay on a shoestring budget, and could spill out into other platforms too.

LG says optimised graphics for almost 50 games will be available by the end of October, with another 50 by the time we welcome in 2012, which is really one in the eye for HTC that has managed to deliver the Evo 3D to the UK market without a lick of 3D content in sight.

The new 2D conversion will be available in October, when LG is pledging to deliver the first major update to the Optimus 3D – although we all know how much of a dark art predicting when software upgrades will land.


LG has also announced a deal with National Geographic Assignment to bring another wave of 3D photography and video to its, currently rather meagre, 3D line-up.

Six photographers and videographers will be sent around the world with the Optimus 3D to capture the footage, although we've yet to be told when the footage will be made available to users

Both the conversion kit and the nature adventures will be on show at IFA 2011, so stay tuned to TechRadar to see whether LG can actually make a go of the stuttering portable 3D market.

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