iPhone 6 may max out at 128GB, but where's the 32GB model?

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5S
It's not just the phone that's getting bigger

Although services like iTunes Match and other cloud-based providers have largely eliminated the need for larger-capacity iPhones, big spenders seeking 128GB of on-board storage may very well have that option this year.

GforGames (via Weibo) continued to pore over leaked schematics for the forthcoming iPhone 6 today, and this time they've turned up evidence suggesting Apple plans to introduce a model with 128GB of storage.

The same rumor foreshadowed last year's launch of the iPhone 5S, although the more recent iPhone launched with a max of 64GB. Apple offers the latest iPad Air and iPad mini 2 with Retina display models in a 128GB configuration, but of course we're talking tablets here.

According to repair service GeekBar, the aforementioned schematic clearly shows a version of the iPhone 6 sporting 128GB of Toshiba-branded storage, compared to smaller capacity models featuring NAND flash storage manufactured by Toshiba, Hynix and SanDisk.

Wither 32GB?

What the leaked schematics do not show, however, is an iPhone 6 sporting 32GB of storage, which has traditionally been the capacity sweet spot between the entry-level 16GB model and the pricier 64GB edition.

iPhone 6 flash storage providers

No 32GB model to be found (credit: GeekBar)

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced suggesting Apple could eliminate the 16GB base model, shifting storage capacities upward to make room for a 128GB edition (at least on the mythical 5.5-inch flavor), therefore making 32GB the new minimum.

Judging from GeekBar's data, the 16GB model will apparently survive for at least another generation, but it may be the 32GB capacity facing the chopping block when Apple debuts the iPhone 6 in September.

Everyone knows Apple likes to keep things simple when it comes to options, but we wouldn't quite count 32GB down and out just yet - and until executives from the iPhone maker confirm it, we'll keep this one squarely in the rumor category for now.