Weekend news roundup: 14-16 September

A new unlocking solution now makes the iPhone even easier to unlock

With another weekend in the books, it's time to take another look at what you missed while you were relaxing.

Apple's London Store to Extend Hours Tuesday

In what may be a sign of good things to come, Apple's flagship store in London will be extending its hours following Tuesday's press conference. Instead of closing at 10:00 pm, all employees will be asked to stay until 11:00 pm.

As if we didn't have enough formats to think about, Nokia is hard at work at yet another flash memory format. According to reports, the company is partnering with Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others to create a standard memory format for mobile phones.

Google: international privacy standards

Citing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Google says it plans to call for international privacy standards at the upcoming UNESCO conference in France. In essence, the plan will outline how to keep user's data secure without sacrificing the need for companies to secure private information.

Although everyone seems relatively excited about the new iPod Touch, it seems some aren't so happy with how it works. Users have found that iPhone hacks don't seem to work on the iPod Touch and although Apple claims it stores data via USB, it doesn't actually seem to.

New Sanyo S1 handset

The US Federal Communications Commission has approved the new Sanyo S1 handset. According to sources, the phone looks to be quite basic and lacks some of the bells and whistles found in other, more expensive alternatives.

It seems the iPhone unlocking trade has become even easier. A new solution now automates the popular iUnlocking procedure and makes for an easy unlock of the iPhone. The new procedure is completely automatic and should only take 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

Sony in trouble?

Is Sony in trouble? According to sources close to the proceedings, Sony may be planning on selling one of its Cell chip production plants to focus more extensively on its "core businesses".

Fujitsu has added 'Energy-Saving Software' to its new PC to address perceived issues with environmental unfriendliness. The "Green Edition" will only be sold in the UK and will feature a £349 price tag.