HTC Radar gets first hands on photos, Orange logo

HTC Radar gets first hands on photos, Orange logo
HTC Radar, ready for its close-up

HTC's first Windows Phone Mango running handset, the HTC Radar, has made its hands on debut thanks to someone hoping to flog the pre-release handset on an online classifieds site.

Calling the handset by its codename, HTC Omega, the seller describes it as having 8GB of memory never used, and running Windows Phone 7 (we'll eat our hats if it doesn't come with Mango).

The handset in the photos is also shown with an Orange logo onscreen, although that's no guarantee that it will make its way to the flame-coloured network when it officially makes its way to the UK.

HTC radar

Darth Radar

As we have previously reported, the HTC Radar looks set to launch with a 1.5GHz single-core processor, 8MP camera and LED flash.

The hands on photos also reveal a front-facing camera and a funny little lip at the bottom which we'd suspect was a slide-out physical QWERTY if we didn't know any better.

Whether or not these specs are based in fact, all will be revealed at IFA 2011 and HTC's special event on 1 September.

As far as we're concerned, the Mango-running HTC Radar is a dead cert.

Dead cert

From OuedKniss via WinRumors

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