Microsoft is reportedly developing a new phone – and the software to go with it

Looking at reduced support for Windows 10 Mobile over the past year, combined with plummeting sales of Windows phones, we wouldn't blame you for thinking Microsoft's last big push into the mobile space would be its, well, last.

However, it looks like the tech bigwig is warming up for another crack at the mobile bat as industry sources tell that Microsoft if actively developing something new for Windows Mobile.

According to the report, Microsoft is testing not just hardware, but also an extension of Windows Mobile software. 

While few specifics were given, it may be an entirely reinvigorated OS that could cut support for Silverlight — Microsoft's mobile development tool that's already on life support.

Shutter the Windows (Mobile)

While we take this report with a grain of salt — not a lot of hard details could be given at this time, with adding that Microsoft's supposed project is "still in early development and plans may change dramatically" — we have heard of Microsoft's continued interest in mobile from a much more... official source.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a podcast last month the company hadn't put smartphones behind it — adding the caveat that what the company has in mind may "not look like phones that are there today."

Nadella went on to describe the success of Microsoft's 2-in-1 Surface line, possibly suggesting that whatever we see may be more of a hybrid device than a conventional handset. 

While the long-rumored Surface Phone is still far from confirmed, we can't help but wonder if a Windows Mobile successor (perhaps running on a modified Windows 10 S?) isn't far behind.

Parker Wilhelm
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