WebOS developers flocking to Windows Phone

Microsoft is trying to recruit WebOS developers

Over 500 app developers for HP's doomed webOS platform are preparing to take their talents to Windows Phone, following a Twitter invite from Microsoft.

After HP would permanently ended production of Pre phones and TouchPad tablets, Windows Phone director Brandon Watson extended an offer to give WebOS app developers a new home.

Three days later, Watson says he has been inundated with offers from published WebOS developers interesting in building apps for Microsoft's improving platform.

"...I have >500 emails in just the last 22 hours. Had to rethink the algorithm for responding to all," he said in a tweet.


In a follow-up address to interested developers he adds: "First things first. Thank you so much for reaching out to the Windows Phone team to signal your interest in bringing your talents to our platform.

"To be honest, we didn't expect this level of response, so we were caught a bit flatfooted. It took a few days (on the weekend) to pull all the mails together into one place to allow me to respond in a smart way and not retype every mail by hand.

"Consider this a first step in building a relationship with the Windows Phone team. We are psyched to have you aboard and to see what your imagination can do on the Windows Phone canvas."

Microsoft's Windows Phone App Marketplace has been gently gathering pace since the platform launched in 2010.

At the last count there were over 25,000 dedicated apps for the platform, but the injection of some new talent from the more-or-less defunct WebOS stable will be most welcome as Microsoft chases Apple and Android.

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