Microsoft's future smartphones might not resemble the phones we're used to

Windows 10 Mobile may have been left in the dust by competitors like iOS and Android, but Microsoft isn't finished with its venture into smartphones yet.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a Marketplace podcast on Tuesday that the tech giant is still interested in making new handsets — but maybe not the kind we're used to, according to Softpedia.

"I'm sure we'll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today," said Nadella, adding that Microsoft learned some positive lessons from its 2-in-1 Surface devices — which blur the line between tablet and laptop.

"No one before us thought of 2-in-1s and we created that category and made it a successful category to the point where there are more 2-in-1s coming," he said.

Reading between the lines, this could be taken as a tease for how Microsoft will approach the oft-rumored Surface Phone, which is speculated to be unveiled sometime this year.

In the same podcast, Nadella mentioned Microsoft's current priority is making top-quality applications and services that work across Android and iOS platforms, as well as furthering Continuum — Microsoft's platform for bridging Windows apps from a PC to a mobile device.

Though it has ample work ahead of it, it appears Microsoft isn't ready to call it quits on the mobile front yet. And should the Surface Phone become a reality, it's certainly possible that it could be the standout that Nadella's claim teases.

Via The Verge

Parker Wilhelm
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