HTC One tipped for octa-core update, but it's all Greek to us

HTC One tipped for octa-core update, but it's all Greek to us
Octa-core HTC One incoming?

HTC is working on an octa-core variant of its flagship HTC One handset, according to a new report

Greek site [Google translation] is under the impression that a One refresh is on the way, and with the new processor the critically acclaimed handset will also see its memory bumped up to 3GB RAM.

The report features a purported screenshot from the phone's hardware settings, apparently showing the improved specifications, but it's hard to verify its authenticity.

According to the site, the updated version of the handset will bring 'Clear Audio' tech for improved call and music quality, but aside from that the rest of the handset's features will remain the same.

HTC One octa core

Successor or update?

HTC is no stranger to updating its phones throughout the annual cycle, but to give the HTC One a processing bump at this stage would be a pretty big surprise.

If the company is indeed working on an octa-core device to rival the Samsung Galaxy S4 (in some regions) then it would appear more likely that HTC will save it up for the One's successor.

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It would give HTC a top-line spec improvement to hang the new handset on and would avoid annoying owners of the current handset, who may wonder why an update arrived after just six months on sale.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of the One's successor, if it isn't called the HTC One-Two then its a missed opportunity.

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