Google's Motorola buyout set for go-ahead after China approval

Google's Motorola buyout set for go-ahead after China approval
Googorola deal will be completed within days

Google's $12.5 billion (£8 billion) deal to buy Motorola has cleared the final hurdle and is heading for the finish line, after China became the last country to approve the takeover.

The acquisition, which was agreed in principle back in August, had been subject to a worldwide review process with each territory testing the proposal against its own anti-trust regulations.

Europe and the United States approved the alliance in February and now China has given Google the green light to rubber stamp the deal.

However, various news outlets are reporting that in order to win the regulatory approval, Google had to assure the Chinese that it will keep Android free and open for the next five years.

Patent arsenal

Motorola is now officially expected to come under Google's control early this week.

Through buying Motorola, the company is expected to work closely with the hardware manufacturer to develop phones and tablets for the Android operating system.

However, with the assurances supposedly given to China and its other Android partners, there's no way Google could favour its new plaything too heavily.

As well as the hardware, Google pursued the deal in order to acquire the Moto's hefty patent portfolio and increase its arsenal in the ongoing patent war with Apple.


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