Google nabs more IBM patents

"Google nabs more IBM patents"
Check out the patents on that

We're sure the term 'computer phone' is just about to catch on, so congratulations to Google which has acquired the patent for just that from IBM.

The newly acquired patent gives Google ownership of "a computer integrated cordless phone" and will probably come in handy in the company's legal battles with the likes of Apple and Microsoft that are set to continue this year.

During the last week of 2011, Google acquired 'computer phone' and another 187 granted patents plus 29 pending patents from IBM – no word on how much cash the deal set Google back.

Patent wars

It's no secret that Google has been working to build up its portfolio of patents in light of all the legal finagling that mobile device manufacturers had to partake in during 2011 – not least that between Samsung and Apple, and Google's hot-headed accusations of Microsoft, Apple and Oracle ganging up on it over the controversial Nortel patent bid.

The company is sharing the love with other Android manufacturers too, having made deals with HTC to help it create a robust defence against attacks from the likes of Apple (although that's not working out too brilliantly for the company so far).

The patents don't just cover hardware, however. Other notable additions include 'selecting and rendering a section of a web page' and 'transfer of web applications between devices'.

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