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HTC tools up with Google patents in fight against Apple

HTC tools up with Google patents in fight against Apple
HTC sticking with Apple patent assault

HTC has bought nine Android patents from Google to add to its portfolio as it seeks to strengthen its case and halt what it perceives are Apple's infringements on its own intellectual property.

Apple is counter-claiming against HTC, saying its Android smartphones infringe on its own portfolio, and has promised to keep pushing on with legal action until all the companies 'stealing' its IP desist.

HTC has told TechRadar that it believes its claim over three patent infringements is totally valid, and it fully intends to continue with legal action:

"HTC will continue to protect its patented inventions against infringement from Apple until such infringement stops. We believe that we have an obligation to protect our business, our industry partners and our customers, who love using our products," Grace Lei, General Counsel of HTC told TechRadar.

No, YOU started it

Apple has also issued a statement on the matter, according to Reuters, claiming that its several patent claims against HTC (and other firms) are correct, and that these companies are making profit from Apple's own innovation:

"We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours," said Apple in a statement.

The patent wars are starting to cause worry throughout the smartphone industry, with a number of smaller vendors becoming increasingly cautious over creating new Android devices until the situation is resolved.

We have to hope either a ruling or a settlement between all the camps is close – otherwise it's the consumer that will lose out on more companies innovating in mobile space.