EE's new Max plan gives you two years of BT Sport and free EU roaming


EE's just refreshed its handset plans and at the top end you can get a lot more than just minutes, texts and data with your smartphone.

New 4GEE Max plans give customers access to the BT Sport app for the duration of the plan, which in most cases is going to mean two years.

Pay monthly customers on EE can already get access to BT Sport, but previously it had been limited to six months – we've asked EE which customers (if any) currently getting access to that offer will be updated to the full two years and will update this article when we hear anything.

Roaming Europe

On top of that, 4GEE Max plans also include 'EU roam like home', which is a fancy way of saying you can use your allowances in the EU at no extra cost.

EE isn't the only network to offer a free roaming service, with Three's Feel At Home being the highest profile rival. Three's also has the advantage of working in certain locations outside Europe and 24 new destinations have just been added, but there's no sporty streaming on offer.

All these EE perks come at a cost of course, with Max plans starting at £25.99 per month and rising sharply if you want a pricey handset or a lot of data (which tops out at a meaty 40GB).

If you don't have any trips planned and aren't fussed about football you can save yourself a bit of money by choosing a standard 4GEE plan – though these top out at 20GB of data and lower (but still high) speeds of up to 60Mbps.

Then at the bottom end there's new 4GEE Essential Plans which offer a maximum of 2GB of monthly data at up to 20Mbps.

The idea is seemingly to offer more flexibility and choice, but with the might of BT behind it Three, O2 and Vodafone could have to step their game up if they're going to compete.

James Rogerson

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