Buy one Galaxy device, get nearly $100 towards another at AT&T soon

Galaxy Device Deal on AT&T
Expect a stocking-stuffer from AT&T

At Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 event in New York City, a Samsung representative offered TechRadar a very juicy tip regarding a yet-to-be announced promotion at AT&T later this holiday season.

The promotion is not public knowledge as of this writing, but will be announced "very soon," according to a Samsung rep at the event.

And once in affect, anyone who purchases any Samsung Galaxy device will get upwards of $100 off a second Galaxy device.

This includes the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 2, the just announced Galaxy Note 2, the just unveiled Galaxy Camera (which as noted in a previous report, has yet to even be formally announced by the carrier), among other items.

What's AT&T got up its sleeve

Again, every single Galaxy class product that AT&T currently carries will be eligible for the promotion. If the second device costs less than $100, only the net worth will be covered.

The promotion may apply to the cheaper of the two Galaxy products being purchased. But at the very least, in such an instance, you'll get a device for free.

The Samsung rep showed TechRadar an internal email that details the promotion. When asked for a copy of the email, the request was politely declined.

The deal, once live, will be effect until Jan. 11. TechRadar will fill in more details as we get them.