Versatile PSP Bluetooth dongle and headphones

Logitec's set includes a PSP Bluetooth dongle and headphones.

Logitec 's ¥10,000 (£45) Bluetooth adapter and headphones for the Sony PlayStation Portable may not be cheap but they have more than enough going for them to persuade Japanese gamers to splash out.

The LBT-PS100C2 pack includes a PSP adapter in either black or white to match whichever handheld you have. It simply plugs into the audio-out jack to add Bluetooth 1.2 and uses the standard A2DP profile for wireless audio. Power comes from a single AAA battery and the range is the usual 10m.

More than just a game

The included headphones, however, are likely to be the main draw, as their support for the full range of Bluetooth profiles makes them flexible enough to be used with other devices. Each headphone also has one of those stubby little boom microphones and a call-answer button.

Logitec's on-site suggestions include pairing the headphones with a mobile phone or with a PC for Skype calling. Charging can be achieved either through the mains or via the mini USB port, with the batteries stretching to a respectable six hours.

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