Apple's iPhone launch event live

Apple's iPhone launch
We're at the new Apple Store in Berlin for today's iPhone launch

The Apple event has come and gone, if you're arriving here for the first time you're late - really, really late. Don't fear though, as we have all the biggest and best information from the announcement just a click away!

If you're hankering for a blow-by-blow replay of what went down at the Apple event, just take a look below.

Please note: all times below are GMT

19.25 It's all over! Thanks for stopping by! We're going to steal a couple and take pics. Stay tuned for the mega hands on previews you expect from TechRadar...

19.24 Oh come on, Costello. Do you not know we've got to go and take a million photos of not one, but TWO devices now? Oh, wait, he's finished.

19.22 The iPhone 5S will cost from £549 to £709, depending on your capacity... up to 64GB storage. Apple not willing to let go of the premium price point, it seems.

19.21 Whoa again... the iPhone 5C 32GB option will cost more than a Galaxy S4: £549.

19.19 Be interesting to hear the contract prices for the iPhone 5C... as it stands, that's going to be the same price as an HTC One.

19.18 Whoa, we're hearing that the iPhone 5C will be £469 off contract, with the iPhone 5S costing £549. That's not a cheap iPhone...

19.17 So, as expected: no new screen, nothing about a quad core processor, no RAM confirmation... but then again, isn't that Apple's way? Slightly better camera, better CPU and a new toy in the shape of the fingerprint sensor? Is that enough of an upgrade?

19.15 That 'Apple Radio thing'. Costello. Nailing being a spokesperson. Calling the music business a 'foul and twisted' thing back in the past. He's having a lovely chat with the audience, dropping some musician comedy bombs left, right and centre.

19.11 Oh no, don't worry. It's just Elvis Costello. Unless he's changing his name to iLvis Costello, we're going to go grab hands on. "That's a lot of fancy stuff there," says Costello. He's got the gist of all this.


19.10 Wait... one more thing??

19.09 Pre-order only for the iPhone 5C on September 13.

19.07 Sadly nothing about the screen tech on the iPhone 5S. Looks like it's the same Retina display as before. Could have done with a new high-res option to keep up with the competition. But that fingerprint scanner is really neat-o.

19.07 Cook is out again. He's saying that 'We don't just pack in features. We think about what we want to create'.

19.05 The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date is set for September 20, and it's coming to China, as well as the usual suspects: US, UK and Australia are all there.


19.04 The iPhone 4S will be offered as the budget option, coming in an 8GB option. Plus the iPhone 5S will have some coloured leather colours too.

19.03 "This is our most forward thinking iPhone yet." It's going to be $199 for the 16GB option, $299 for the 32GB iteration and $399 for the 64GB in the US.

19.02 All this information is stored on the A7 chip, and Apple says will not be available to other apps, or backed up to iCloud.

19.01 Sapphire glass will be used to give a clear and robust imaging sensor.

19.00 This is big, people. Biometrics are going to be a huge part of phones in the future, and Apple has stolen a march.


18.57 The sensor will be on the home button, as we expected. We can touch the unlock button to open your phone. You can use it to make iTunes purchases to replace the Apple ID password. Nifty.

18.55 A brand new technology - Touch ID. brand new sensor, the Touch ID sensor, 170 microns thin, which is thinner than a human hair. Scans through your inner live layers of your skin, and can even teach about more than one finger.

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