Apple's iPhone launch event live

18.53 A slow motion camera can capture at 120fps. HD 720p at that speed, and you can speed up and slow down any element of the video. Looks pretty impressive.

18.51 The new iPhone 5S will have auto image stabilisation. With a single press, that multiple shots option will get one that's not blurry, apparently.

Burst mode is here too! 10 frames a second. Not a new feature for phones, but Apple is pretending it is. The phone can even work out which is the most clear... again, not new, but most phones aren't great at picking the best one. If Apple can nail that, we'd really appreciate it.

18.49 Apple is going to be all about the auto mode. 15 focus zones, auto exposure, multiple shots, instantly analyses in real time for which is the sharpest. There's even a new 'true tone flash', which is designed to stabilise the ambient light. Whatever colour your flash it, it usually clashes with the lighting.


The iPhone 5S has two flashes, white and amber in temperature, and analyses to give the correct colour of flash. "The first time on a camera of any kind."

We're looking at the samples now. The older photo looks rubbish compared to the new one... but then again, it also looks brighter.

18.47 'It used to be that to get better pictures, you had to become a better photographer'. Apple doesn't care about that... the iPhone 5S is meant to help you do that. f.2.2 aperture, five piece lens, new 15% larger active area.

Schiller says "We know a secret that bigger pixels offer better pictures." HTC knows that secret too, Apple. It has even larger pixels. Does that mean an Ultrapixel sensor is better?

18.47 The battery life is up:10 hours 4G talk time, 250 hours of standby are the big ones. More than the iPhone 5 apparently. That's pretty good news for people that hate to watch the percentage meter go down.

18.44 Schiller is back to talk up the level of mobile performance from the A7 chip. There's also an M7 chip that goes alongside the A7, which takes advantage of the sensors without having to wake up the main chip, so compass, gyro and accelerometer to help you with health and fitness activities while saving battery.

Can tell if you're running, walking or driving - and developers have access to the API. Nike has created Nike+ Move, to help people rid themselves of a Fuel Band, by the looks of things.

18.41 Getting a demo of Infinity Blade 3 now... there's up to four times more detail on offer. As completers of the first title, this will be something that gets people excited. Going to be available at iPhone launch.

18.40 There's definitely a silver band around the home key, and the square has gone. That fingerprint scanner looks nailed on.


18.39 Donald Mustard from Epic Games is about to unveil the 'conclusion' to the Infinity Blade journey. The graphics are pretty impressive.

18.37 Over a billion transistors, in the same footprint as A6. iOS 7 is optimised for this 64 bit change... if you're lost, just understand that the iPhone 5S is a lot more powerful that can run more intensive programs. It's as much as two times as fast for tasks, both CPU and graphical.

Apparently the iPhone performance has increased 40 times since the first iPhone. Half of that coming from the iPhone 5S alone. Alright Schiller. That's enough of that. We need to know if has a 1.2% better battery.

18.35 Comes in three metal finishes. Silver, gold and a new 'Space Grey'. Loads of new upgrades.

Performance is first to be discussed: "People want portable performance, and this is a huge leap forward." A7 chip, is 64 bit, and the first ever in a phone of any kind. The transition to 64 bit took years. Apple is going to move things forward in one day with great new hardware and system advancements, according to Schiller.

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