Apple's iPhone launch event live

18.33 Schiller is back. The iPhone 5S is here. The most 'forward thinking phone ever created'.

18.32 So - is it what we wanted? Colour matched wallpapers? Does it look too cheap? Too amazing? What?


18.31 A 4-inch Retina display, impressive battery life, more LTE bands... we've heard this, Craig.

18.30 Seeing how it's made now. A single piece of plastic. A steel frame thrust in. Holes lovingly drilled. A glossy service. A rigid structure. A dense feel. Wait... what is Apple describing?

18.29 "The iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic." Wouldn't get Samsung ever saying the word 'plastic' to define its phone materials.

18.29 Ive is on video. Why is he never on stage? Does he really exist?

18.27 Apple A6 chip inside, with battery larger than the iPhone 5. There's an 8MP camera, photo filters and a 3x video zoom. Facetime HD is on the front with uprated low light. And Facetime audio us supported too.

LTE is also supported heavily. UK users will be happy that all the networks will be able to run this. It will come in five colours: blue white, yellow, pink, green and comes in for just $99 for the 16GB version and 32GB comes in at $199 for the US carriers.

Cases will be $29 per unit... Apple reckons we're going to buy loads. They're even 'Android free', says Schiller. Unnecessary dig, there.

18.26 New cases, also mega colourful, to combine with fun colours. Apparently feels 'rich and great in your hand', uses polycarbonate and a steel structure to also function as an antenna. Looks like the leaks were all right.

18.25 The sides are made from one single plastic piece, and one piece of glass on the front. "No seams, absolutely gorgeous," says Schiller. We're still reeling about the fact our iPhone 5 just became a collector's item.

18.22 Going to launch two new iPhones: the iPhone 5C is up first. Phil Schiller says "more colourful" than previous iPhones. He joked about web leaks and called them cool. That's a first for Apple.

18.21 "Some of you might have been expecting this," says Cook. This year Apple isn't going to lower the price of the old iPhones. This year, we're going to replace the iPhone 5. WHAT?

18.21 We're talking iPhone. iPhone 5 is the most 'instantly loved ever'.

18.20 So, iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), iPhoto, iMovie, any new iPad, iPhone or fifth gen iPod touch will have auto access to the apps. Nifty.

18.19 Presentations, numbers, spreadsheets. iWork is being talked up now, creating content etc. iPhoto takes 'photo editing to the next level' on your phone. iMovie makes 'sophisticated' trailers. "No other platform has any apps like this. All iOS devices are made even better if they have these apps, and almost all of our customers want these apps. So we're announcing that we're making all five of these industry leading apps free."

18.18 Tim Cook is back, and talking about how well Ive did to create the iOS 7 overlay. It is good, if not a little colourful for some people. And those people have tumblr blogs.

18.16 You've got to love how proud Apple is of it's products. And now we have an iOS 7 release date: 18 September. For iPhone 4 and up. A week to wait? That's ages.

18.15 iTunes Radio up next. You've heard about all this: creating stations to your own taste. Talking about how good the band Rush is now. The guy loves them. He admitted that he was going to play air guitar but decided against it. Sad times.

18.14 Showing how you can look at all your photos in one 'colour wall' in the new Photos gallery. The audience likes that. It's easier to share than ever, apparently. Of course it is, Apple. Talking up Airdrop, P2P Wi-Fi, secure sharing. A lot of buzzwords for essentially sharing a boring snap.

Gareth Beavis
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