5 features in Android Nougat that iOS 10 can't match

Android N

Android Nougat has now launched for select handsets, and according to Google it comes with over 250 extra features on top of everything the Android 6 upgrade brought with it last year.

If you've got a Nexus device you'll be able to download the new update within the coming weeks, but for those with other Android devices you will have to wait much longer. Bad news: if you've got an iPhone, you won't ever get it.

iOS 10 is coming in the next few months - rumors point toward a September release - but there are many features included in Android 7 that could go unmatched by Apple's upcoming iOS iteration.

Here are the top features you can get in Android Nougat that iOS 10 won't be able to give you.

Reply from notifications

Direct Reply

Ever find it frustrating to read a notification and then have to press into the app to follow it up? Google has solved that exact problem, so now when you get a message, you can reply to it directly from the notification itself.

Google has promised this is set to work with all messaging apps, not just its own, so you won't need to open up apps to keep the conversation going.

iOS allows you to do this with iMessage, but there's no option for other apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

Switching quick settings

iOS 10 will update the Control Center to make it even easier to fiddle with your phone settings in only a few taps, but the simplified design still won't let you personalize what goes where.

Android 7 will allow you to change your quick settings and put the ones that are most important to you in the easiest to reach slots.

On iOS you'll always see Airplane Mode first, but on Android 7 you are able to switch the first option to Bluetooth, Cast, Flashlight, or whatever you need it to be. It'll only save you a matter of seconds, but every little helps.

Daydream VR

Apps selection

Although Daydream isn't launching in the initial update, Android N will see the launch of Google's next generation VR platform.

If you buy a new phone that's Daydream ready, it'll be compatible with all headsets and controllers coming soon to get an even better portable VR experience than Google Cardboard will ever offer.

It seems that Apple has yet to fully embrace virtual reality and thus, there's no sign of a dedicated VR service to come with iOS 10. It may still come, but so far Android is a much better place for VR.

Multi-window on your phone


This is something some Android overlays have been able to do for quite some time and there's a similar feature in iOS for the iPad, but now Android Nougat will allow you to run two apps side-by-side on your phone.

It makes multi-tasking so much easier when you have two apps running alongside each other, so in Android N you could have one side running a web browser and another a text app to make notes.

The feature will work on any Nougat-loaded phone, but you may want a large screen so you can clearly read what's going on in both apps. Plus, it'll need to be powerful to be able to run two apps live at the same time.

Letting your phone doze off

Google introduced Doze Mode in Android M to help your phone save battery when it's stationary and the screen is off – but now you can move your phone around in your everyday life and still save on battery.

The updated Doze Mode in Android 7 is smart enough to notice when your phone has been in your pocket or bag for lengthy periods of time and turn on the battery saving features automatically.

This should help you save even more battery life on your phone, but remember: there are a few other factors that contribute to battery loss and performance, such as signal strength, the age of battery and the number of background features running at a given time.

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