10 of the best smartphone concepts we wish were real

iPhone Next G

Designer: Samuel Lee Kwon

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: Apple will never make a handset like this 'iPhone Next G' concept. It's unlikely any major manufacturer will, but it's different enough that we'd love to see someone try.

The concept shows a wearable phone that's little more than a bracelet, with just a tiny screen, but a built in projector that can plaster a larger display over your palm.

The size of the display will presumably be limited by the size of your hand and interacting with a projection is unlikely to be as comfortable as tapping a physical screen - plus you'll never be able to hold it two handed.

But it allows the device to remain far more compact than any current smartphone and makes it more of an extension of your body, which is a direction we can see technology ultimately going in, albeit more through implants than projections.

James Rogerson

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