10 of the best smartphone concepts we wish were real

Window Phone

Designer: Seunghan Song

Not to be confused with Windows Phone, the Window Phone concept envisions a handset that's completely transparent (like a window, get it? Oh, you did? Sorry...).

It also transforms its appearance based on the weather, becoming clear on a sunny day and having an icy sheen on a snowy day for example.

We're not really sure what the point of that is, but we're all for a transparent phone that would look great and reduce the hazards of texting while walking (if we walk like some people in the adverts and hold our phone straight in front of us).

Other questionable features include the ability to blow on it to steam the screen up, allowing you to then write by hand in the steam, presumably just to get maximum mileage out of the window concept.

We're just wondering how far the Windows analogy can be taken... Could it suddenly turn into a blue screen paperweight at times, just to keep you on your toes?

James Rogerson

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