10 of the best smartphone concepts we wish were real

Nokia Morph

Designer: Nokia

The Nokia Morph concept dates back to 2008, but it's still one of the more intriguing designs around. It features a bendable, stretchable screen and transparent components, using nanotechnology that enables it to both adapt its shape and become rigid when needed.

Stretched out it's the size of a tablet, but it can be folded into a smaller, thicker phone or into a wrist-worn bracelet.

The Morph has other tricks up its sleeve too. It can harvest solar energy to keep itself powered and it has a superhydrophobic surface, which repels water and dirt. Plus, it has a haptic layer on the front, so suddenly touchscreen buttons can feel raised.

This is the stuff science fiction is made of, so can someone please put us in cryosleep and wake us up when it becomes science fact?

James Rogerson

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