10 of the best smartphone concepts we wish were real

Philips Fluid

There are smartphones to suit almost all tastes these days... that is, as long as your tastes involve using a black rectangle with a touchscreen.

A few phones out there have been made with a bit more creativity, like the curvy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the dual-screen LG V10. But the design world clearly doesn't think they're good enough, so the internet is often treated to some insane ideas that are yet to transition from concept to product. In some cases the tech isn't there yet, in others they might just be too niche or just too crazy, the resembling the intrepid scribblings of an over-tired hamster.

We've trawled the internet looking for our favorites, and following 10 smartphone concepts are among the best of the bunch. Whatever it is holding them back now needs to be solved - we want them to become a reality one day.

James Rogerson

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