Kogan Mobile is hiking up its budget prepaid plans

Kogan SIM Card
Kogan's Mobile network is a bit more expensive now

Kogan Mobile has today announced that it will be increasing the price of its prepaid mobile plans starting from August 1.

Launched in December 2012, Kogan Mobile landed in hot water earlier this year when it took ISPOne to court for dumping hundreds of its customers for purportedly violating the air use policy of the "unlimited" data plans.

Soon after, it changed parts of its policies and began listing its pricing as a limited time offer valid until July 31.

Kogan takes a hike

Kogan Mobile's new prices, effective from August 1, sees the lower-tier plans slugged with the most increases, though all the inclusions remain the same.

The Data 30 plan jumps from $9.99 to $14.99 per 30 days, while the Access 30 jumps from $29 to $39 per 30 days. Access 90 gets an increase of $20, jumping from $79 to $99 for 90 days use.

Kogan Mobile's Access 365 has the lowest price increase, jumping from $299 to $349, which really only works out to be an extra 8 cents per day.

"We are proud to continue to offer the best pre-paid deals in the Australian market, and we will work hard to continue to further improve our offering," Kogan wrote on its website, announcing the new prices. You can also check out the changes to its policies on the same page.

These changes means that Kogan Mobile's pricing is more in line with Aldi Mobile pricing, but Kogan does still offer higher data inclusions.