Kogan claims victory in court case against mobile wholesaler ISPOne

Kogan beats ISPOne in court
'Unlimited' still not quite unlimited though

Kogan had big plans when it launched its Kogan mobile network using Telstra's infrastructure last year. But after roughly 600 customers were kicked off the network for apparently violating the fair use policy of the "unlimited" plans, Kogan took its wholesaler to court to get things sorted.

Yesterday, ISPOne pulled out of proceedings, ultimately giving Kogan the champion's belt and bragging rights.

The decision means that Kogan customers will no longer be cut off by ISPOne without Kogan's approval.

Still covered in crap

The official statement from Kogan gave some slight indication of the toll of the courtcase on Kogan's plans in the mobile space.

"We entered the telecommunications industry to shake things up, and make mobile access more affordable for all Australians. We knew this would ruffle a few feathers in the industry, but we never expected it to end up in Court.

"Today's victory means that Kogan Mobile customers can rest assured that their services will not be unlawfully interfered with by the wholesaler. Australians can trust Kogan Mobile to continue to provide the best deals in the market. We're glad the right result was reached, and that the truth about the last few months is now abundantly clear," the statement said.

But more eleoquent was Ruslan Kogan himself, who succintly summed up the lawsuit on Twitter:

"Kogan's goal is to make technology more affordable. The problem with a shitfight is that even when you win you're still covered in shit," he tweeted.

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